Long products market prices have mixed

- Apr 06, 2018 -

Long products: market prices have mixed. In the European Union, the rebar price was 650 US dollars / ton, compared with the beginning of the month fell 15 US dollars / ton. The rebar import price was US$630/tonne (CFR), down by US$5/ton. In Italy, although scrap prices have risen slightly, sales of long products and prices have stagnated or even declined. Some market participants believe that the situation is very bad in terms of order quantity and price, and the market is extremely deserted. Also due to the current uncertainty, the average price of commodity bar (billet) has fallen by €10/t ($12.2/t) from the previous month. At present, the basic transaction price is mostly at 150 euros/ton (ex-factory price), and only a few basic transactions are still at 160 euro/ton. Market participants confirmed that the current average ex-factory price is 570 euros/ton, including size surcharges. At the same time, after the steel beam company announced the price increase in January, the base ex-factory price rose to 230-240 Euros/tonne in early February. The base ex-factory price fell to 220-230 euros/ton. The current transaction price is 605-610 euros/ton (ex-factory price). The price increase for various types of products is €20/tonne.

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