Taishan Steel successfully rolled 40Cr14 stainless steel strip

- Apr 13, 2018 -

Taishan Steel successfully rolled 40Cr14 stainless steel strip

It is reported that Taishan Iron and Steel Stainless Steel Rolling Plant has successfully rolled 8 high-carbon high-chromium 40Cr14 martensitic stainless steel strips. 40Cr14 steel has high carbon content and high hardness, so it is difficult to roll. Through the establishment of a new rolling scheme, precise control of the residence time and heating temperature is achieved, and the appearance quality of the finished product is fully qualified.

This product is mainly used for high-strength, high wear-resistant measuring tools, medical equipment, etc. Because of its strong crack sensitivity is difficult to develop, only a few steel mills in China can produce. The successful development of 40Cr14 martensitic stainless steel indicates that Taishan Steel has possessed a full range of production capacity of Cr13 martensitic stainless steel. The added value of the product has been further enhanced, and the competitiveness of the company has been further improved.

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