- Sep 29, 2017 -

Steel, is the carbon content of the mass percentage between 0.02% to 2.11% between the iron and carbon alloy collectively. The chemical composition of steel can be greatly changed, carbon-containing steel is called carbon steel (carbon steel) or ordinary steel; in actual production, the steel is often different according to the use of different alloying elements, such as: Nickel, vanadium and so on. The history and application of mankind had a long history of steel, but it was not until the nineteenth century, when the bainite steelmaking process was made, a steel production was a costly and inefficient work. Today, steel has become one of the most widely used materials in the world with its low price and reliable performance. It is an indispensable component in the construction industry, manufacturing industry and people's daily life. It can be said that steel is the material basis of modern society.

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