Stainless Steel Applications

- Sep 29, 2017 -

In the field of construction applications, the surface treatment of stainless steel is important for many reasons. Corrosive environment requires a smooth surface because the surface is smooth and easy to scale. The deposition of dirt can cause rusting of stainless steel and even corrosion.

In the spacious hall, stainless steel is the most commonly used material of the elevator decorative plate, although the surface of the fingerprint can be wiped off, but the impact of beauty, so the best use of the appropriate surface to prevent leaving fingerprints.

Hygiene conditions are important for many industries, such as food processing, catering, brewing and chemical, etc., in these areas of application, the surface must be easy to clean every day, and often use chemical cleaning agents.

Stainless steel is the best material in this area. In public places, the surface of stainless steel is often mischievous, but one of its important features is that they can be washed off, which is a remarkable feature of stainless steel over aluminum. The surface of aluminum is easy to leave traces, often difficult to remove. Clean the surface of stainless steel should be cleaned along the stainless steel lines, because some of the surface processing lines are one-way.

Stainless steel is best suited for hospitals or other areas of hygienic conditions, such as food processing, catering, brewing and chemical, not only because it is easy to clean daily, but also use chemical cleaning agents, but also because it is not easy to breed bacteria The The tests show that the performance in this respect is the same as that of glass and ceramics.

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