Haynes 188

Characteristics: High-temperature creep
Certification: ISO, CE, ROHS
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Product Details

Haynes 188 is a cobalt  base special alloy, with unique high temperature strength and oxidation  resistance, in the long time exposure in 1400-1600° F still has a full range of  motion. Compared with nickel-base alloy, cobalt base alloy has inherent high  temperature creep property.
 Alloy 188 solid  solution enhanced with 14% tungsten element, followed by M6C and M23C6 carbide.  Alloy 188 is easy to be processed, both manual and automatic welding are  applicable. Welding methods include electron beam, tungsten electrode gas argon  arc welding and resistance welding.


Product Description

Haynes 188 characteristics:

  • Excellent high temperature  strength and environmental tolerance.


188 alloy  containing cobalt, nickel, chromium, tungsten, high temperature strength is  very good, and under the high temperature of 1095 ° C for a long time, still  have very good oxidation resistance, can effectively resist hot corrosion of  sulfur deposits. It can be processed by traditional technology or used in  casting parts.

  • Workability


188 alloy has  good forming and processing characteristics. It can be forged or heated. Hot  working need to the work piece at 1175 ° C for long enough time heat  preservation, ensure the work piece to the temperature. Because of the  ductility of the material, 188 alloy can be cold-processed. Because the alloy  has the characteristics of rapid cold hardening, it needs to be annealed  several times in the process of machining complex parts. Both hot and cold  machining parts need to be annealed and quickly cooled to restore the  properties of the material.
 This material  has good limitation welding characteristics, can be manually welded, also can  be used automatic welding method, including TIG, MIG, electron beam welding,  resistance welding.

  • Heat Treatment


Forged 188 alloy  is usually supplied in a solid solution state. Conventional heat treatment  method is to 1175 ° C + / - 14 ° C solid solution treatment and rapid cooling  or water quenching in order to achieve the best performance. Annealing at a  temperature below the solid solution temperature will result in some carbide  precipitation, which will affect the performance of 188 alloy.

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