Nimonic 942

Characteristic: high temperature
Certification: ISO, CE, ROHS
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Product Details

Nimonic 942 high  temperature alloy.
 High temperature  alloy is a kind of metal material work under the conditions of above 600 ℃ and stress for a long time, has excellent  high temperature strength, good resistance to oxidation and thermal corrosion  resistance, good fatigue properties, fracture toughness and other comprehensive  performance, has become a military and civilian use of gas turbine engine hot  end components an irreplaceable key materials.


Product Description

Nimonic 942  Characteristics:

  1. With a wider range of components, the  design of the alloy can be focused on optimizing its performance due to the  need not to give consideration to its deformation processing performance. As  for the nickel-based high-temperature alloy, the content can be up to 60% or  higher by adjusting the composition, so that the alloy can maintain excellent  performance at the temperature of 85% of the alloy melting point.
     2. It has a wide application field for  casting method has many special advantages, can according to the use of parts,  design, produce nearly end shape or no remainder with arbitrary complex  structure and shape of the high temperature alloy castings.



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