EN 1.4362 Stainless Steel

EN 1.4362 Stainless Steel

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Product Details

EN 1.4362 Stainless Steel is a low carbon and high alloy stainless steel with a nickel content of  less than 4%. The steel contains ferrite - austenite structure, so it is called  duplex stainless steel.

In general, the  two-phase stainless steel alloy element has a good balance, which contains  ferrite elements such as chromium and molybdenum, and contains the austenite  element nickel and manganese.1.4362 duplex stainless steel plates can be used  instead of 316L and 2205.



1.4362 Stainless Steel Mechanical Performance

Strength of  extension: about 700
 Yield strength:  about 350
 Ductility: about  35


1.4362 as a  result of the dual phase micro element structure, with excellent mechanical  properties and reasonable elongation, in some areas in the ASTM standard,  because the sample length on tensile strength tests often to 50 mm, instead of  80 mm.

Therefore, the  elongation ratio of A50 is more commonly used than the elongation of A80 (Note:  A50 has a higher elongation than A80).

Product Description

1.4362 Stainless Steel Characteristics:

Corrosion Resistance
 In the corrosion  resistance of stainless steel, element chromium and molybdenum usually play a  major role. The main function of nickel is to combine the manganese copper and  make up the austenitic crystal at room temperature, so the nickel is more  important than the anti-corrosion in the forming of steel plate.


 Because the Cr content of 1.4362 is higher  than 316L and does not contain molybdenum, its corrosion resistance is  equivalent to 316L, but it is higher than 304.

Welding Property
 1.4362 to most  familiar way of welding welding (except for welding) if welding need filling  agent, is recommended to use high alloy TERMANIT 22 / / 09, since 1.4362  contains about 50% of the ferrite, the grade of steel is more sensitive to  hydrogen embrittlement, to dry, so the need when welding filler welding  hydrogen in the gas can't overweight.


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