Lengshuijiang Stainless Steel Industrial Park project progresses steadily

- Mar 22, 2018 -

On March 5th, Li Jianhua, Secretary of Lengshuijiang Municipal Party Committee of Hunan Province, led the person in charge of the development, planning, and other departments of the municipality to go to Jingkai District to dispatch stainless steel industrial park project promotion work, and requested to further strengthen service awareness, take the initiative, and take greater determination and Make great efforts to promote project construction.

In the stainless steel industrial park, Li Jianhua reviewed the progress of the project construction and understood in detail the problems and difficulties encountered in the project construction.

At present, the stainless steel industrial park is undergoing plant construction and equipment unit commissioning. The construction of the S312 line crossing construction of the Industrial Park has been completed and the relevant information has been completed. The rod line relocation work is currently developing specific implementation plans.

Seeing that the construction of the stainless steel industrial park project was carried out in an orderly manner, Li Jianhua expressed satisfaction with this requirement and requested the company to plan the quality, progress, and safety of the project in an integrated manner, strive for an early implementation of production efficiency, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry in Lengshuijiang City.

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