North Sea Chengde latest maintenance information

- Mar 08, 2018 -

North Sea Chengde latest maintenance information

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It is reported that, due to the North Sea Cheng Tak factory equipment maintenance needs, combined with the current stainless steel market conditions continue to slump, spot stainless steel prices have been upside down compared with the cost. In order to maintain the market and guarantee the interests of customers, the factory intends to conduct a comprehensive equipment overhaul starting February 8, affected by overhaul activities. On the basis of ensuring the stable supply of cold-rolled products, the factory decided to cut the output of 300-series hot rolling by 50%. In the meantime, regarding the reduction of the output of the 300 series hot rolling, the factory will continue to implement the product structure adjustment strategy, which will be offset by the addition of 400 series and 200 series varieties.

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