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South Korea has asked for unreasonable US import duties

- May 22, 2018-

South Korea has asked for unreasonable US import duties. The World Trade Organization confirmed on the 16th that South Korea has filed a consultation request on the United States to impose tariffs on imports of washing machines and photovoltaic battery products.

Relevant documents show that the ROK believes that the United States has planned to implement safeguard measures on the ground that its own industry has suffered "serious damage or serious damage." However, it did not give a reasonable explanation on how to reach this conclusion. The ROK accused the United States of imposing compulsory tariffs that violated the WTO's Safeguards Agreement and other related regulations.

The request for consultation was the first link in the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. If the consultations do not reach satisfactory results within 60 days, South Korea may request the WTO to set up an expert group to review the case.

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