China Iron And Steel Association: The First Half Of February The Global Steel Market Is Now Steady Rising Trend

- Feb 23, 2018 -

China Iron and Steel Association: The first half of February the global steel market is now steady rising trend

Into February, the international steel market signs of stabilization and recovery. Data show that with the gradual adjustment of Asia and the Chinese market ended, the global steel market signs of stabilization and rebound. To this end, combined with the fundamentals are expected to predict the second half of the international steel market or because most of Asia into the Spring Festival holiday model, and the smooth operation of the situation.

Imported steel has a positive impact on U.S. security. The International Iron and Steel Institute (AIIS) requested U.S. President Donald Trump to consider the positive impact of imported steel in his decision on the 232 survey. Richard Chriss, president of AIIS, stressed that imported steel does have an impact on U.S. national security, but this has a positive impact.

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