Stainless Steel Textured Surface Processing

- Feb 13, 2018 -

Stainless steel textured surface processing

There are many different types of patterns that can be used in stainless steel. The advantages of having a steel plate with textured or textured surfaces are as follows:

1) Reduce "oil can-ning," a term used to describe the surface of bright materials that is optically unsightly. For example: large decorative panels, even after stretching straightening or tension straightening it is difficult to make the surface completely flat, which will appear shrinking metal roofing materials.

2) Textured patterns reduce glare in the sun.

3) If there is a slight scratches plate and small area indentation are not obvious.

4) Increase the strength of steel.

5) Provide the architect with options. The patented motifs include a cloth pattern (Ed Mansard for London), inlaid patterns, pearl and leather patterns. Corrugated and linear patterns can also be used. The textured surface is particularly suitable for interior decoration such as elevator panels, counters, siding and entrances. External applications should be taken into account so that stainless steel can be washed by rain and artificial surfaces, to avoid easy to gather dirt and air impurities dead ends, so as to avoid corrosion affect the appearance.

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