The Basic Types Of Stainless Steel Surface Processing

- Feb 05, 2018 -

The basic types of stainless steel surface processing

There are roughly five types of surfaces that can be used for stainless steel, and they can be combined to transform more of the final product.

Five types are:

1. Rolled surface processing

2. Mechanical surface processing

3. Chemical surface processing

4. Anilox surface processing and color surface processing

There are some special surface finishes, but whatever surface finishes you specify, you should follow these steps:

1, together with the manufacturer agreed on the need for surface processing, the best preparation of a sample, as the future standard mass production.

2, large-scale use, such as composite panels, we must ensure that the use of the base coil or coil using the same batch.

3, the choice of surface processing should take into account the production process, for example: In order to remove the bead, the weld may be grinding, but also to restore the original surface processing. The checkered plate is difficult or impossible to meet this requirement.

4, for some surface processing, grinding or polishing lines are directional, known as one-way. If used to make such lines vertical rather than horizontal, dirt is not easy to attach to it and it is easy to clean.

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