Incoloy 840

Material components: 20Ni-19Cr-Ti, Al
Equation: NAS H840/UNS S33400
Characteristics: Corrosion Resistance
Certification: ISO, CE, ROHS
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Product Details

Monel 502 Physical Performance

Elasticity Modulus





Product Description

 Electric heat  pipe is an electrical component that converts electrical energy into thermal  energy. It is easy to use, easy to install, free of pollution and widely used  in various heating occasions.


It has simple  structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safe and  reliable, easy installation, long life and other characteristics, widely used  in all kinds of water tank, oil tank, acid and alkali trough, the fusible metal  melting furnace, heating furnace, drying oven, drying oven/air oven, oven and  hot pressing die device, etc.
 The specific form  is hot runner heating coil, heating rod, heating tube, thermocouple,  temperature control box, temperature control accessories and connectors and  other industrial accessories.

Monel 502 characteristics:

  • 840 (S33400) is a kind of alloy containing titanium and aluminum  austenitic stainless steel, containing enough chromium to form and maintain a  sufficient size of chromium oxide, make it protected under the condition of  high temperature.

  • More resistant to high temperature than conventional chromium nickel  stainless steel such as 304.

  • High nickel content, has better oxidation resistance compared to the  standard 18-8 stainless and the oxidation resistance as good as the higher  grades of alloy which operating temperature up to 1900 degrees (1038 ℃).

  • 840(S33400) alloy is an ideal material for the manufacture of  electric heat pipe, vehicle emission control system and other high temperature  resistant products.


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