LDX 2101 Stainless Steel

Characteristic: high strength
Certification: ISO, CE, ROHS
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Product Details

LDX duplex  stainless steel, due to the increased nitrogen in the steel, the stability of  austenite, phase equilibrium and stability are better, is not sensitive to the  intermetallic phase precipitation,

Precipitation in  the most sensitive to temperature, 650, after 10 hours of insulation just down  to 50 j impact value, the organization stability from 2205 steel. The steel has  a high strength, corrosion resistance and 304, can be welded, its life cycle  cost is lower than austenitic stainless steel.



Given that it  has good comprehensive performance, the potential application range is very  wide, especially used as the structure is very promising, such as alternative  2205 duplex stainless steel used as bridge structure,


And can also be  used in reinforced concrete, to solve in the chloride ion corrosion problem of  environmental pollution in the material, in addition, still can replace steel  manufacturing containers, towers, 304 and 316, heater and hot water storage  tank.


Product Description


LDX 2101 Stainless Steel Main Composition: 21Cr-1.5Ni-5Mn-0.3Mo-0.22N

Mechanical Performance:
 Strength of  extension:σb≥650Mpa

Typical working conditions: 10% dilute sulfuric acid, less than 60℃, annual corrosion rate<0.1mm.

Supply status: plate, strip, bar, pipe (welded pipe and  seamless tube), forging, light rod, flange, welding material.

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Product Application

LDX 2101 Stainless Steel Application

  • food processing equipment

  • offshore oil platform

  • tower

  • structural parts

  • rotor

  • impeller and shaft


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