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Alloy 926 UNS N08926  super austenitic stainless steel is usually 14.0-18.0% and the nickel  content is 24.0-26.0%.1.4529 (N08926) alloy is a kind of nickel base alloy  containing titanium and aluminum, chromium containing enough to form and  maintain enough chromium oxide scale, make its are protected under the  condition of high temperature.


Than  conventional chromium nickel stainless steel such as 304 more resistant to high  temperature; High nickel content, compared to the standard of 18-8 stainless  has better oxidation resistance and the oxidation resistance as temperature up  to 1900 degrees f (1038 ℃), the higher grades of alloy.


N08926 Superaustenitic Stainless Steel Physical  Performance:
 Melting  Point:1320-1390℃
 Min Mechanical  Performance at room temperature: (1)Strength of extension 650Rm N/mm2;(2)Yield  strength 295RP0.2N/MM2;(3)Ductility A5%:35


Product Description

N08926 Stainless Steel Characteristics:
 1. High  corrosion resistance and crevice corrosion in the halide medium and the acid  medium containing H2S;
 2. Effective  anti-chloride stress corrosion cracking in practical application;
 3. Excellent  corrosion resistance to corrosion in normal oxidation and reduction  environments;
 4. Mechanical  performance was significantly improved compared with Cronifer 1925 lc-alloy 904  L;
 5. The  metallurgical stability of the alloy with 18% nickel content is greatly  improved.
 6, is applied in  the pressure vessel manufacturing related certification (VdTUV - 196 ~ 400 ℃ and ASME certification).
 N08926 super austenitic stainless steel processing and  heat treatment:


suitable for  cold, hot processing and machining. Because of the high strength, cold, hot  processing requires high power processing equipment.

1. Heating of 1.4529 (N08926) alloy:
 (1) the  workpiece should always be kept clean before and during heat treatment;
 (2) in the  process of heat treatment can't contact with sulfur, phosphorus, lead and other  low melting point metal, otherwise it will damage the performance of the  material, should pay attention to remove such as marking paint, temperature  indicating paint, crayons, lubricating oil, fuel and other contaminants;
 (3) the lower  the sulfur content in the fuel, the better, the sulfur content in natural gas  should be less than 0.1%, and the sulfur content in heavy oil should be less  than 0.5%;
 (4) it is  preferable to heat treatment in a vacuum furnace or gas protection furnace,  considering the need for temperature control and keeping clean;
 (5), can also be  heating in chamber furnace or gas furnace, the furnace gas must be clean and  neutral to slightly oxidizing advisable, should avoid the furnace gas between  oxidizing and reducing volatility, burning flame heating can not directly to  the workpiece.


2. 1.4529 (N08926) alloy hot working:
 (1), 1.4529  (N08926) alloy hot working temperature range of 1200 ℃ ~ 900 ℃, cooling water quenching or air cooling rapidly.
 (2), heating,  the material can be directly sent to have warmed the highest working  temperature of the stove, heat preservation after enough time (every 100 mm  thickness need 60 minutes holding time) quickly, within the prescribed scope of  temperature of high temperature hot working period. When the material  temperature drops below the heat processing temperature, it needs to be reheated.
 (3) in order to  obtain the best performance, solid solution treatment should be carried out  after hot processing.

3. Cold machining of 1.4529 (N08926) alloy:
 (1) as with all  austenitic chromium nickel stainless steel, the processing hardening rate of 1.4529  (N08926) alloy is large, so the processing equipment needs to be selected. The  cold working material should be solid solution heat treatment state, and should  be in the middle annealing when the cold processing quantity is large.
 (2) if the cold  processing volume is greater than 15%, the workpiece should be resolvable.

4. 926 (N08926) Alloy  heat treatment:
 (1), 1.4529  (N08926) Alloy solid solution treatment temperature range is 1150 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃, the most suitable temperature is 1170 ℃;
 (2) the material  with a thickness of more than 1.5mm is water quenching, and materials with a  thickness of less than 1.5mm can also be used for rapid air cooling. Use air  cooling.
 (3) during heat  treatment, the material can be directly fed into the furnace with the highest  working temperature, and the workpiece must be kept clean.

5.  1.4529  (N08926) alloy to scale and pickling:
 (1), 1.4529  (N08926) the surface of metal oxide and around the weld slag adhesion was  stronger than low alloy stainless steel, it is recommended to use fine-grain  abrasive belt or fine-grain emery wheel grinding.
 (2) after proper  time and temperature pickling with HNO3/HF mixed acid, careful polishing or  salt bath pretreatment should be used to break the oxygen film.

6.  1.4529  (N08926) alloy machining:
 1.4529 (N08926)  alloy shall be machined after heat treatment, due to the strain hardening  material, so appropriate USES than austenitic stainless steel processing low  alloy standard low cutting speed and feed processing, can the car into the already  cold work hardening of the surface layer below.

1.4529 (N08926) super austenitic stainless steel  variety of specifications and supply condition:
 1. the  classification of the varieties: various specifications of seamless steel tube,  round steel, forgings, flange, ring, steel welded pipe, silk materials and  welding materials.
 2. Delivery  status: seamless pipe: solid solution + acid white, length adjustable ruler; Plate:  solid solution, acid wash, cut edge; Welded pipe: solid solution acid white  +RT% detection, forgings: annealing + car light; The bar is forged, surface  polished or car light; The strip is cold-rolled, solid solution soft state, to  oxidize the skin to deliver; The silk materials can be delivered in the form of  solid solution pickling or straight line, solid solution and fine grinding.



Product Application

N08926 Stainless Steel Application:
 1. Fire  protection system, seawater purification system, hydraulic and perfusion piping  system in ocean engineering;
 2. Bleaching  pool in cellulose pulp production;
 3. Polished rod  in corrosive oil well;
 4. Hose system  in ocean engineering;
 5. Pipeline,  joint and air flow system in the production of acid gas;
 6. Components in  flue gas desulfurization system;
 7. Evaporator,  heat exchanger, filter, mixer and so on in phosphoric acid production;
 8. Sulphuric  acid separation and condensation system.


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