Special steel

- Feb 11, 2018 -

Alloy steel, alloy steel is also called special steel. In the carbon steel in the amount of one or more alloying elements, so that the steel structure changes, so that the steel has a variety of special properties, such as strength, hardness, plasticity, toughness, wear resistance Corrosion, and many other excellent performance. Here are some special steel properties and uses:

1. Tungsten steel, manganese steel: hardness is great, manufacturing metal processing tools, tractor track and axle and so on.

2. manganese silicon steel: toughness is particularly strong, the manufacture of spring, coil and so on.

3. Molybdenum steel: anti-high temperature manufacturing aircraft crankshaft, especially hard tools.

4. Tungsten chrome steel: hardness, toughness to do a very good machine tool and die, and so on.

5. Nickel chrome steel (stainless steel): strong corrosion resistance, easy to oxidize the production of chemical production on the acid tower, medical equipment and daily necessities.

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