Steel cut price guidance after the market embarrassed committed

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Steel cut price guidance after the market embarrassed committed

Bustling, today the market is surrounded by thick atmosphere of price increases, nickel prices, limited edition, reluctant sellers and so on, the mainstream of the stainless steel began to boil. Morning stock market repeatedly cited up eye-catching, silently falling some of a species slightly embarrassing.

         Yesterday taiyuan guide price 430 down 100 yuan / ton, the price pulled to 9600 yuan / ton, the market reaction does not use.

         Part of the agent is decisive down offer, the market price yesterday has come to 9650-9700 yuan / ton. The remaining trading time is small, many traders choose to ship smoothly before the holiday, the market is still visible around the 9700 cold-rolled price, some of JISCO can maintain the level of 9800 yuan / ton.

         Ferrochromium rising, 430 not up and down, some traders also said that the hands of the higher spot inventory costs, the price of how to make a mistake, if the market price of the main fall, the high price of natural or not go, but the low go Loss, no doubt some dilemma.

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