Alloy carburizing steel

- Sep 29, 2017 -

1, the performance characteristics used to create the surface hard and wear, heart toughness

Good and impact resistant parts such as gears, cams and so on. (have

Good carburizing capacity and hardenability)

2, the chemical composition of low carbon steel (carbon content of 0.1 to 0.25%);

The main alloying elements are Cr, Mn, Ti, V, etc., which are mainly made

Use is to improve the hardenability and prevent overheating.

3, heat treatment characteristics of pre-heat treatment for normalizing, carburizing after quenching

Fire plus low temperature tempering.

Take 20CrMnTi as an example to produce automobile gearbox gear as an example, the process route is as follows:

Forging - Normalizing - Machining Tooth - Partial Copper Plating - Carburizing - Pre-cooling, Low Temperature Tempering - Shot Peening - Grinding.

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