Malaysia plans to impose a tax on cold-rolled stainless steel imports from Taiwan

- Feb 03, 2018 -

Malaysia plans to impose a tax on cold-rolled stainless steel imports from Taiwan

Hong Kong, January 20 (Xinhua) Taipei: According to the latest report of the Malaysian Ministry of Trade and Industry, dumping of imported cold-rolled stainless steel from Taiwan and elsewhere is proposed. The anti-dumping duty imposed on Taiwanese manufacturers is suggested to be 0% to 14.02%. On the 20th, the Taiwan authorities said the tax rate is lower than the previous temporary duty on anti-dumping duties. Whether the negative impact will be slightly reduced remains to be seen.

The anti-dumping investigation report released by the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Malaysia recommended that anti-dumping duties be levied on products from Taiwan, mainland China, South Korea and Thailand. Among them, Taiwanese manufacturers are recommended to collect 0% to 14.02% of the products. However, it is a better outcome than the previous high-stakes anti-dumping duties of 13.77% to 52.17%.

Taiwan's "Ministry of Economic Affairs" said that Taiwan is the largest importer of cold rolled stainless steel products in Malaysia. Between 2012 and 2016, Taiwan ranked the champion with a 30% to 40% share. Although the amount of cold rolled stainless steel Taiwan exported to Malaysia dropped to 6.89 million U.S. dollars in the first nine months of last year, a sharp drop of 60% but with a market share of 40%.

According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, according to the industry, the range of goods involved in the anti-dumping case of cold-rolled stainless steel is extremely wide. Previously, high temporary temporary anti-dumping duties ranging from 13.77% to 52.17% have caused considerable impact on Taiwan's exports. It remains to be seen whether the negative impact on Taiwan's continued operation of the country's market will be diminished if it finally determines that it will set anti-dumping duties ranging from 0% to 14.02% at Taiwan Factory.

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