Main structure installation technology of steel structure

- Sep 29, 2017 -

In the use of steel construction, although the use of this structure has many advantages. But in the installation of the time, but need a certain cleaning work. For the architect, introduce some of the main cleaning parts.

Steel structure Shot blasting machine, the process of clean-up by the electrical control of the adjustable speed conveyor roller will be steel or steel into the cleaning room in the body of the projectile area, the whole body by the different coordinates of the direction of the powerful dense projectile strike and Friction, so that the oxide scale, rust layer and its dirt quickly fall off, the steel surface to obtain a certain degree of roughness of the smooth surface, in the clean-up on both sides of the import and export roller loading and unloading workpiece. The pellets and the rust falling on the steel are swept by the purge, and the falling dust mixture is transported from the recovery screw to the chamber funnel. The vertical and horizontal screw conveyors are brought into the lower part of the hoisting machine and lifted to the upper part of the machine In the case, the separated pure pellets fall into the separator hopper for use in the shot blasting. Shot blasting in the dust generated by the exhaust pipe to the dust removal system, after the purification of the net emissions to the atmosphere, the granular dust was caught collection.

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