HM1 Hot Work Die Steel

- Apr 12, 2018 -

HM1 hot work die steel

The steel grade has been incorporated into the GB1299-85 national standard die steel grade. It has excellent thermal fatigue resistance, anti-tempering stability and good smelting, forging, heat treatment and mechanical processing technology performance. It is a new high-strength and toughness hot die steel with excellent comprehensive performance in China and meets China's resource conditions. Suitable for high-temperature, high-load, hot quenching press forging die, bearing hot forging die, forming forging die, high-strength and high-strength steel forging, aluminum and copper alloy die-casting die, hot extrusion With etc. The service life can be improved by 1-4 times compared with 3Cr2W8V. In the high temperature performance is significantly better than H13 steel.

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