Construction Industry: It Is One Of The Earliest Fields Of Stainless Steel Application

- Apr 05, 2018 -

Construction industry: It is one of the earliest fields of stainless steel application. In terms of building decoration, at present, stainless steel is mainly used for the cladding of exterior walls, interior and exterior columns of high-rise buildings, and interior and exterior decorations and components such as handrails, floors, elevator siding, doors and windows, and curtain walls. The surface-treated, colored, and plated stainless steel plate solves the problem of handprints and other problems that occur after touching, and further expands the application range of stainless steel. Japan has developed a variety of stainless steel roofing materials, such as high- and medium-chromium ferrites with better corrosion resistance and various plating plates. The super-clean brushed stainless steel surface plate developed by Sweden and the UGITOP surface plate developed by Ugine in France provide a new choice for the construction industry.

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