The Proportion Of Stainless Steel Used In Industrial Facilities In Developed Countries Is Generally 15%-20%, And The Proportion Of Domestic Applications Is Still Very Small

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Industrial facilities: The proportion of stainless steel used in industrial facilities in developed countries is generally 15%-20%, and the proportion of domestic applications is still very small. This is due to the complete introduction of industrial equipment. Stainless steel materials have not been counted. On the other hand, domestic materials have not yet been adopted. Stainless steel is required in such fields as chemical, petrochemical, chemical fiber, paper, food, medicine, energy (nuclear power, thermal power, and fuel cells). In addition, the existing imported equipment has entered the maintenance period. With the improvement of the quality of domestic stainless steel products and the development of special brand products, the application of stainless steel in domestic industrial facilities will increase year by year.

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