The Low Price Of 201 Cold-rolled 8700 Is Well-known In The Market

- Mar 21, 2018 -

The low price of 201 cold-rolled 8700 is well-known in the market. According to the past, other agencies are surely rushing to chase down, but what is the market today?

         Wuxi market 201 cold rolled most agents gave a unified price of 8900 yuan / ton! First of all, regardless of how the transaction price, you can see the goal of most agents is very clear, if the collapse of cold rolling 201 damage or self-interest, if the price really continues to decline, it must be stricken!

         In terms of volume, Anshan Iron & Steel LH Cold-rolled East China agent reported 8,800 yuan / ton, Hong Wang, Chengde reported 8,900 yuan / ton, and Baosteel's most agents also quoted 8850-8900 yuan / ton, although quoted There are differences, but there is no doubt that the actual volume of transactions is basically at 8800.

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