The Foshan Market Is More Responsive

- Mar 16, 2018 -

The Foshan market is more responsive, and it is reported that when it was approaching work yesterday, there were many merchants on the market that sold at a price of RMB 100/ton. Nickel closed shortly afterwards. How will the price of 304 stainless steel go?

         Morning market inquiry, today's market price of 304 stainless steel has pulled up the trend, but there are still businesses to maintain the operation of Rangli.

          In the Wuxi market, merchants are in a hurry and the market still has low prices. It is reported that today Taigang, Jiuquan cutting four feet has reached 15,150 yuan / ton, and gradually closer to the private cold rolled price difference, today's private mainstream mainstream raw price of 14,200 yuan / ton, the market also has a low price of 14,100 yuan / ton.

          Foshan market, many businesses have pulled up 100 yuan / ton operation, it is reported that the current mainstream Wang Hong reported at 14,300 yuan / ton, four-foot 14400 yuan sheet metal / ton, Chengde 14,600 yuan / ton.

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