904L Stainless Steel Plate Has Three Types

- Mar 31, 2018 -

904L stainless steel plate has three types: hot-rolled stainless steel plate, cold-rolled stainless steel plate, finishing stainless steel plate.

Application area

* Petroleum, petrochemical equipment, such as reactors in petrochemical equipment.

* Sulfuric acid storage and transportation equipment, such as heat exchangers.

* Power plant flue gas desulfurization equipment, the main use of parts: absorption tower tower, flue, stall door, internal parts, spray systems.

* Scrubbers and fans in organic acid processing systems.

* Seawater treatment plant, seawater heat exchanger, paper industry equipment, sulfuric acid, nitric acid equipment, acid production, pharmaceutical industry and other chemical equipment, pressure vessels, food equipment.

* Pharmaceutical factory: centrifuges, reactors, etc.

* Plant foods: soy cans, cooking wine, salt cans, equipment and dressings.

* 904L, a strong corrosive medium for dilute sulfuric acid, is a matched steel grade.

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