316L Stainless Steel

- Mar 27, 2018 -

316L stainless steel is commonly used in heat exchangers for pulp and paper equipment, dyeing equipment, film processing equipment, pipes, materials for building exteriors in coastal areas, as well as bracelets and cases for advanced watches. Marine equipment equipment, chemicals, dyes, paper, oxalic acid, fertilizers and other production equipment; photography, food industry, coastal facilities, ropes, CD rods, bolts, nuts.


1) The appearance of cold rolled products is good and beautiful;

2) Due to the addition of Mo, corrosion resistance, especially excellent resistance to pitting corrosion;

3) Excellent high temperature strength

4) Excellent work hardening (weak magnetic after processing)

5) Non-magnetic in solid solution state;

6) Compared to 304 stainless steel, the price is higher.

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