8×19 Type Wire Rope

- Apr 25, 2018 -

8×19 type wire rope

The three major uses of wire ropes for elevators are: ropes for reference, speed limiters, and wire ropes for compensation. This chapter describes one of the three major uses of wire ropes.

      There are many other types of wire rope structures, such as: 8X19S-FC, 8X19W-FC, 8X25F-FC, 8X19S-IWRC, 8X19W-IWRC, 8X25F-IWRC, 9X21F, 9X19S, 9X19W, 9X19S-IWRF, 9X19W- IWRF, 9x21F-IWRF, 9x19S-IWRC, 9x19W-IWRC, 9x21F-IWRC. All of them are wire contact wire ropes. Now we will look at their structure diagrams and performance parameters for the three most commonly used 8×19S-FC, 8×19W-FC, and 8×25F-FC configurations.

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