Proper Use And Maintenance Of Mine Wire Rope

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Proper use and maintenance of mine wire rope

Correct use and maintenance of mine wire ropes not only relates to the safety of shafts and lifting equipment, but also can extend the service life of mine wire ropes. Therefore, when using and maintaining mine wire ropes, it is necessary to comply with the provisions in the Regulations:

      1. Use and storage of mine hoist ropes

The new rope shall be checked and accepted by the inspection unit and properly kept after passing the inspection to prevent damage and corrosion.

The original data of each coil must be fully preserved.

If it is kept for more than one year, it must be checked again before it is suspended.

2. Provisions for the number of layers of ropes and ropes fixed on the drum for mining

1 The number of steel wire ropes wound on the drums of various lifting devices is strictly prohibited to exceed the following requirements:

In the shaft, the elevator personnel or lifters and lifting materials, 1st floor; specifically for lifting materials, 2 floors.

Tilting elevators or lifters and lifts in the lanes, 2 floors; lifts, 3 floors.

During construction of wells and materials, 2 floors.

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