The Working Characteristics Of Steel Wire Ropes Used In Port Handling Machinery

- May 05, 2018 -

The working characteristics of steel wire ropes used in port handling machinery: Lifting the stress state of steel wire ropes The main features of port loading and unloading machinery are rapid lifting and landing, accompanied by relatively large impact loads. Wire ropes used in port machinery usually have a large angle of inclination in the vertical direction to the loading and unloading vessel. The port crane hooks perform simultaneous vertical and horizontal rapid compound movements with the cargo, and sometimes the composite movement is performed in three-dimensional space. It is complicated to increase the stress state of the steel wire rope. Conditions of use are harsh and the working environment is harsh. The wire ropes used for port loading and unloading are often exposed to open air and have a relatively large ambience, high humidity, or dusty environments. The wire rope is required to have a large structural advantage, a good physical quality level, and performance. It is required that the lubricating oil dipping in the steel wire rope has excellent performance and strong adhesion, and can be in a good state for a long time, and should be supplemented in time if it is insufficient. Port loading and unloading mechanical ropes are usually small, especially steel ropes are required to have high bending fatigue resistance. Multi-stranded multifilament steel wire ropes show great structural and performance advantages.

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