When The Wire Rope Used In Mining Is Subjected To Violent Pulling Force During The Operation

- May 03, 2018 -

When the wire rope used in mining is subjected to violent pulling force during the operation, such as cans and sudden stopping, it will generate a large braking deceleration, which may cause severe distortion or deformation of the wire rope, increase of broken wires, plastic deformation and local thinning of the wire rope. When the length is elongated, the mechanical properties of the steel wire rope for mines are drastically reduced. At this time, it is necessary to immediately stop the inspection. If one of the following conditions is found, the force section must be cut off or the whole rope must be replaced:

Wire ropes are severely distorted or deformed.

Broken wire exceeds the above Article 2.

Diameter reduction exceeds the above Article 3.

The length of the section suffering a violent pull is longer than 0.5%.

During the use of wire ropes for mines, the sudden increase in the number of broken wires or the sudden increase in elongation must be replaced immediately.

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