Wire Rope Construction

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Wire rope construction

        Wire ropes consist of strands and ropes. The strands consist of steel wires and cores, which can be steel wires or fiber cores.

         1. Steel wire

         The wire rope plays a role in bearing the load, and its performance is mainly determined by the wire. Steel wire is a round (or irregular) wire made of carbon steel or alloy steel by cold drawing or cold rolling. It has high strength and toughness, and surface treatment of steel wire according to different environmental conditions.

         2. Rope core

         Rope is divided into: fiber core and metal core

         2.1 fiber core

         It is used to increase the elasticity and toughness of steel wire ropes, lubricate steel wires, reduce friction and increase service life. Commonly used rope core organic fibers (such as hemp, cotton), synthetic fibers, asbestos core (high temperature conditions) or soft metals and other materials.

         2.2 Metal Core

         It can increase the tensile strength of wire rope, anti-extrusion, impact resistance, high temperature and other good performance.

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