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On April 27, German Chancellor Angela Merkel Launched A One-day Visit To The United States

- May 11, 2018-

On April 27, German Chancellor Angela Merkel launched a one-day visit to the United States. Unlike the French President Mark Long, who had previously received high-level receptions in the United States, Merkel’s visit was relatively low-key. Due to Trump’s unobserved public commitment to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on Europe, Merkel’s visit has limited results.

According to the latest news from the Associated Press, Merkel stated on April 29 that leaders of the three countries in Germany, France and France have reached a consensus that if the Trump administration does not impose permanent immunity on the EU’s steel and aluminum tariffs, the EU will be prepared to fight back.

Mark Long criticized the trade protection measures when he spoke in the United States Congress: “A commercial war that is against allies is against our mission, our history, and our current commitment to safeguarding global security.”

After two meetings with the leaders of France and Germany, Trump did not promise to convert “temporary exemptions” to “permanent exemptions” and did not agree to extend the exemption period for the EU.

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