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The White House Stated That President Trump Had Issued Two Statements Authorizing Amendments To Article 232 Tariffs On Steel And Aluminum Products

- May 09, 2018-

The White House stated that President Trump had issued two statements authorizing amendments to Article 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum products. The U.S. government has reached a definitive agreement with South Korea on steel importation. U.S. trade representative Robert Letserze and South Korean Trade Minister Kim Hyun-Koo have announced the outline of this agreement. The U.S. government has also reached an agreement in principle with Argentina, Australia, and Brazil on the steel and aluminum tariffs, details will be finalized soon. The government will also extend negotiations with Canada, Mexico and the European Union for 30 days. In all these negotiations, the government’s focus is on quotas that limit imports, prevent transit, and protect national security. These agreements underscore the successful strategy of the Trump administration and its allies to achieve fair results in order to protect our national security and address the global challenges faced by the steel and aluminum industries.

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