Welding Performance

- Apr 01, 2018 -

Welding performance

Like the common stainless steel, the 904 L can be welded using a variety of welding methods. The most commonly used welding method is manual arc welding or inert gas shielded welding. The electrode or wire metal is based on the composition of the base metal and has higher purity. The content of molybdenum is higher than that of the base metal. Normally no preheating is required before welding, but in cold outdoor operations, uniform heat may be applied at the joint or in the immediate vicinity to prevent condensation of water vapor. Note that the local temperature should not exceed 100°C to avoid carbon concentration and cause intergranular corrosion. Small line energy, continuous and fast welding rates should be used for welding. After welding, generally no heat treatment is required. If heat treatment is required, it must be heated to 1100-1150°C and cooled rapidly.

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